Friday night at the Empty Bottle

18 Feb

It finally happened. I left a show a mere three songs into the headlining act. It had nothing to do with the performance of the band, Twin Sister. In fact, they sounded pretty damned good live, and their lead singer, Andrea Estrella, was hypnotizing. Her breathy, ethereal, My Little Pony-tinged voice lent a polish to Twin Sister’s songs that would have otherwise rendered them lukewarm.

Twin Sister's frontwoman

That’s about all I can say regarding Twin Sister because of our early departure. When you’re constantly yawning into your PBR, fearful that you’ll fall asleep if you blink for too long, it’s time to go.

The first opener was Summer Girlfriends, and they were just NOT doin’ it for me. I was hopeful when I saw six young ladies head up to the stage and don their guitars over pounds of sequins, I really was. But when all eight sounds sound EXACTLY the same–same power chords, same boring bass lines, same drum beat–it’s hard to get into a groove.

Ava Luna played next, and I had high hopes for this group, as I’d seen them open up for Toro y Moi at Lincoln Hall last fall. What really makes this band special is the interplay between the three vocalists: one male (lead) and two female. They’ve got the two- and three-part harmonies down to a science, and it’s clear that any one of the singers can open up and sing lead when the time calls. I’m not sure how long Ava Luna’s been together, but the rhythm section is super tight, and the chemistry between the entire band can be electric at times. They kind of lose me when they stray from their catchy, repetitive vocal melody hooks and heavy rhythms, but overall they played a good set. Check out the tracks “Past the Barbary” and “Clips” on grooveshark.

Next time I hit up the Bottle for a show, I’ll be sure to get closer to the stage (rather than in the back near the bar) as to avoid listening to terrible attempts at getting laid by gross dudes with bald heads and soul patches. That aside, I really like the venue–cheap drinks, decent sound, and the perfect amount of grunge.


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